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Simone Silverstein

"What a pleasure I had in working with Willow. Each person who saw the results of our time together, photos or otherwise, remarked at the ideal capture of my personality. On the surface, yes, but far more importantly, the soul within. Willow is gifted and nimble with her gifts. I do and always will, recommend her to you!"

Shannon Gibbs

"I was so pleased with how my maternity photos came out, she made me feel sexy with my “new” body. Her direction on how to “move” in the photos was so on point. I couldn’t be happier with the photos!" 

Louise Jackson

"I love having my photo taken by Willow. Not only are the final shots beautiful, but she makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. I’d always been shy and awkward around having my picture taken until I worked with Willow. Her easy and encouraging directions to get the best out of you during the shoot just feel natural. I love how her final images capture the movement and energy of my lifestyle. Thank you Willow!"