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Hey! I'm Willow, your visual storyteller.

We all have a story, and I'm here to help tell yours. Through photography and video, I'm committed to capturing your true essence in the digital space.  With a diverse career as a video producer, director, and editor - I've been crafting content for over a decade. After a stint in the corporate world producing commercials for a big start-up in Silicon Valley, I wanted something different. So I followed through with my longstanding dream of moving to Europe.

Nearly 2.5 years later, I've been enjoying the best of both worlds based in Lisbon, Portugal and San Francisco, CA. My recent work is primarily focused around creating beautiful lifestyle images, and bringing your personal brand to life online.  Every person and project is unique. I'd be thrilled to help spearhead your individual creative expression.  

Get in touch and let's create something you love!