Jericoacoara, Brazil - a very special place 

Jericoacoara, Brazil - a very special place 

You know the feeling when your boy/girlfriend breaks up with you, although you were already planning on doing so but waiting for that most opportune time? 

Well that sorta sums up my recent job situation where I was laid off for no good reason known to me so it felt like a total blindeside. But I was already scheming my next move to exit the corporate life hopefully for good, it was just my ego that wanted to be the one who broke up with them first. 

For years I'd been eyeing South America, a continent I had yet to explore and had daydreamed about an extended trip. Advice from others suggested taking at LEAST 3 months to really experience a mere portion of the massive continent, and we all know a full time job doesn't cater to this style of perpetual wanderlust. 

Then suddenly, being unemployed was about to become a reality in two short weeks. 

Randomly, just two days before the employment door was closing, I met an American guy at a party who lived in Rio de Janeiro and he suggested I start there. We quickly learned of several mutual friends and then became official friends on the facebook. It was the invitation that motivated a very unplanned trip to South America for roughly 3 months. And I would be traveling solo for most of it which was a new thing for me, so just 'knowing' one person on that great big continent was a source of comfort. 

A month later I landed in Rio,with a great big feeling of gratitude for the means and time for an unknown adventure that would change me in many ways. Guess you can say I live small so I can go big. 

And as the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens - so why not blindly bust on through to the other side.