Couldn’t totally grasp the idea of not having a plan while away, or upon return, or even when to come back at all, and not having a steady travel companion with whom to share the adventure. Because why would 'I' want to be all-alone? My genetic make-up thrives on being around and connecting with other people, constantly. This means at times - multiple coffee dates and walks with friends, long phone conversations, and not a lot of alone time on a daily basis.

I would see people traveling solo, sitting alone out to dinner, or at café reading a book, and think – that is not for me, how boring. But when I started talking to people who’d done extended travel, or even little getaways by their lonesome, everyone and I mean ALL of the people I’ve talked to rave about and relished in their solo missions. And of course, they would absolutely recommend it. Now, maybe in hindsight as most things are, for me anyway, seem brighter now than they really were. Maybe not, maybe it’s great. But I have to remember it’s different for everyone, and not do it just because I was somehow now put up to the “challenge.” Who really cares anyway? (Obviously I do care what people think, maybe a little too much, and I’m working on that.)

All things aside, I thought why not try it; get out of my comfort zone. Which I do try as often as possible and encourage others too as well  - sometimes in my own unique nagging sort of way. My sister can attest to that. For starters even the little things - like no laptop in bed, not texting all the time or being glued to the phone in general (now I’m obsessed with Skype), or eating the same food, can all make a difference and shake up the monotony of your life. I’d like to achieve the notion of ‘doing something that scares you everyday.’ In that case I’d just have to public speak in front of a huge crowd once a day. Yikes.

Trying to find “it” – that moment when you’re thinking of nothing else BUT the moment you’re in, not wanting to be anywhere else. Rare, and seems if I look for it – it may show up as inauthentic.

Go figure, my first solid day solo on the trip I was inspired to begin writing this blog.