2010 dream board
2010 dream board

This trip has been brought on - in part - and in my opinion, by making Dream Boards (a collage of images and words that represent your wants and dreams in the future.) I would like to consider myself somewhat of frequent 'dream boarder,' and believe that by taking thoughts, wants, and dreams out of the basement of your subconscious and cutting them out of a glossy magazine, they can and will one day manifest. Again, most of what has come true are the places I’ve cut out and glued to a piece of cardboard. Years ago I came across a notebook that coincided with a book I had read called “I am Rich Beyond my Wildest Dreams”(think The Secret type thing) The book suggested writing all the things you want to create in your life on paper, and in great detail. This was fun, I was around 24 with lofty ambitions. So I had filled up 2 notebooks of  “stuff,” down to the color of my walls in my ‘dream apartment’ and put it away. Come to find it years later, and there, on the list of places I had wanted to visit, was almost every country I had been to (still some left on this list, of course) While writing those notebooks in 2004 I hadn’t traveled anywhere, besides Mexico which doesn’t totally count.

I have a hard time visiting amazing places, because I start to obsess about living there. How would I make it work, and what would I do? Go it alone, start something new, or seek out a cool company and apply? Then the fears arise, no really, what would I do? The should’s and shouldn’ts, the why’s and where’s all show their face and I am left with a “someday” approach. Or, maybe I’ll find something better, or I’ll just move somewhere different when I get back to the Bay Area. Yes, that's the solution. On that note, I recently calculated, moving 21 times since I left for college at 18 yrs old. Makes me exhausted just thinking about it!

Now working on manifesting my DREAM JOB...which involves writing and working from my laptop - anywhere in the world. As I continue to consume other people’s advice, experiences, and philosophies on creating and fulfilling your dreams, seems like getting lost and not having a direction may one day lead you there. I’ll give that a whirl and get back to you.

Great quote I remind myself of often: “wherever you go, there you are.”