In addition to Dream Boards, I’m a psychic connoisseur. I've been to my fair share of (clairvoyants, fortune tellers, intuitive’s) over the years, and somehow managed to visit 3 in 2012. For some reason throwing caution to wind, and trusting my inner self and the world around me, is not a strong point sometimes. I’d gone through quite a lot of changes last year; a major breakup, full time job (trust me this was a big change), then a lay off, another new job, and a new relationship. Oh, and I moved into my mom’s spare bedroom – slept on a pullout couch, and stayed for over 6 months. (Btw, thanks mom!) Not exactly how I would have pictured my life at 33, but whatever. I saw it as a stepping-stone, just took a little while to get my footing.

After a less than positive review of my life, a psychic named 'Rachel' said, I was carrying “bad energy” and desperately needed to meditate (ugh, heard this one before!), no use discussing my current relationship because I needed to work on my self, my ex was indeed over me and would marry his GF, no travel plans for AWHILE, and “sorry honey I tell it like I see it.”

Then I turned to a dear friend - an intuitive counselor, and was lucky enough to have a reading with her just a few months ago. She gave big thumbs up to the travel plans and so here I am, just needed a little push and validation.

If you want it told to you straight, call the number pictured above and ask for Rachel.