It all happened so fast. Then - now. I see life as a timeline, and sometimes write it out as such. What I want to create in the future set out as certain dates and time-frames (“Jan ’12 land this ___ job, have a baby, buy a house, travel here, etc.) As well what I’ve already accomplished (a life coach made me do that part awhile back). Anyway, it’s November 2012 and I’m working as a video producer for an educational media start-up that I like, and am actually extending my ‘time-frame’ for the long haul with this company. Start-up scenario – work hard underpaid, and sell in a year or two kind of thing – we all get... rich. The scenario for 2013’s timeline looked a little like this, as the wedding invitations came trickling in.

Feb. 24th Cape Town, S.A.---> April 20th Caribbean (sisters)---> Sept 20th Puglia, Italy.

At first it was a “yeah, I’d love to go to South Africa! But there’s no way – I have a full-time job. Had to pick and choose. Obviously I have to go to my sis's wedding, and then the wedding in Italy - I was determined to make that one happen somehow. It was looking like a very expensive year of destination weddings.

I'm on the phone with my boss, and something like “financially prepare to not have work at the end of this month.” Nothing personal, it’s the nature of a start-up and waiting on investor money kind of thing. I mentally start preparing. More so I shut down, fight back the tears, half participating in the conversation – only hearing “you’re getting laid off, AGAIN, what’s wrong with you?” – in my head.

Partly knew it may come to an end within the year depending on funding, but rejection never feels good, and this reopened the sting of another lay off (albeit a welcome one) earlier in the year.

Technically, for years I have put money aside for that rainy day distant dream of extended foreign travels. Or admittedly, by not fully committing to a job – but relishing in the “free” in freelance work. If I were allotted the American average of 2 weeks yearly vacation, it would equate to entering the dredges of prison. Sounds rather spoiled, I know. But ultimately I'd love to combine the two, work + travel. Traveling with a purpose is something I wholeheartedly believe in.

Somewhere I've heard or just put together, what you have in your subconscious mind will eventually play itself out? Perhaps applied to the more darker sides of ourselves, but nonetheless I am seeing this to be true. So easy sometimes too, and it gets validated in regards to traveling. An idea for a destination pops up or sits at the top of my list, and magically I’m there at some point. No real plan, not even significant research beforehand (more out of laziness, I think) but somehow it eventually happens. Just like that. Now, there are several places I still want to go of course, and feel I’ve barely made a dent, but know deep down it’ll happen if I truly want it to.

So that brings me to today, sitting in a lofty apartment in majestic Cape Town, South Africa. "The Mother City."