hey there. 

Everything we like to do came from a spark that ignited somewhere. Here's a little bit about mine. 

VIDEO: It all started with playing dress up in my grandmothers clothes from the 50's. Which naturally led to a high school theater career and on to a drama program in college. Being on stage both terrified and exhilarated me. After I took on-camera acting classes I tried a brief stint in LA, and soon realized it wasn't an easy path, nor mine to pursue. Something about the mysterious world behind the camera also intrigued me.
A move back to my home base of San Francisco I began the decade + journey into filmmaking. Most of my skills were learned whilst I taught kids in a filmmaking camp over several summers, and 30 + short films later. I found my element again in the creative process writing scripts and teaching acting skills with young people. Which is what it's about for me - a mix of storytelling, make-believe, dress-up, and fun. 
Since then I've worn the producer, editor, casting director, script writer, interviewer, and director hats. The types of projects have ranged from online branded content (YouTube 'skip ads') to short documentary style pieces, narratives, and a short film shot in Nairobi, Kenya with young aspiring filmmakers. 
PHOTO: Photography came naturally. I was the dedicated documenter of our teenage life, mostly on the disposable camera version. I'm primarily self-taught and am more the run-and-gun style photographer than ultra technical. My thing is definitely portrait photography, close-ups, and candid captures. After years of photo shoots with friends I've honed the skill of making the subject feel at ease and their best self in front of the lens. 
I recently became a LowePro Storyteller and am extremely honored to join the super talented team of photographers. LINK TO BLOG:
TRAVEL BLOG:  Insatiable wanderlust and the quest for a year-long adventure sparked my travel blog in 2013. I set out to attend 3 destination weddings on 3 continents and wanted to tell an authentic story of my travels, rather than the highlight reel portrayed on social media. While on that trip I took a journalism course in London, and realized that I wasn't cut out to be a real life journalist. So I'll stick with the occasional post here, or a guest blog here and there on travel inspired sites. 
Currently I'm based in Lisbon, Portugal and am seeking freelance opportunities in video production, photography, and writing. 
I'd love to hear from you.
Willow xx